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Our Story

Our first bag was inspired by travel hat box from 1940s. As Hadid London, our aim to vary our collection inspired by the bags of the past.

Pink Blossom
story brench

About Us

Hadid London was born in 2020 from the idea “why do we not appreciate what we have so far and search new things,” by a young couple who advocates slow movement. To appreciate designers who stop by the world, we draw inspiration from the vintage style from the 40s to 90s.

Stop time with our handmade leather bags and imagine going to Woodstock 69 or doing window shopping in Carnaby Street in the Swinging Sixties, it is up to you. You can travel in time or live in a modern time with a vintage loving heart and Hadid London bag.

As time ages, that rejuvenates;

Hadid London

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